Craiova city, a destination recommended by the British newspaper, The Telegraph

The British newspaper, The Telegraph has compiled a list of unique destinations that should raise the interest of British travelers.

14753304_1098393793563116_7791620928242220158_o 15977278_1164283803640781_5186081241074369514_nCraiova city  ranks in the top 13 destinations recommended by The Telegraph. Craiova city appears in the top 13 destinations for British tourists due to the opening of Wizz Air  Liverpool- Craiova on 27 March, 2017.

Photos: Aeroportul International Craiova


A lesser-known destination in eastern Europe, the southern Romanian university city of Craiova, founded on the site of the Dacian stronghold Pelendava (which later became the Roman Castra Nova), prides itself on a strong academic tradition and wealth of important historical figures and the world-famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi who studied at the Craiova Art School and carved his first sculptures here. See six of them in Craiova Art Museum located in Dinu Mihail Palace wrote The Telegraph. 

Photo by @cvladulescu

 Below you can find the list with the 13 recommended destinations:
  1. New Orleans - Louisiana
  2. Pula, Croatia
  3. Girona, Spain
  4. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
  5. Santiago, Chile
  6. Granada, Spain
  7. Dubrovnik Croatia
  8. Phu Quoc, Vietnam
  9. San Francisco, California, USA
  10. Stockholm, Sweden
  11. Oakland, California, USA
  12. Torino, Italy
  13. Craiova, Romania



#Selfie69, a Romanian comedy that breaks box-office record

selfie-69The Romanian comedy #Selfie69 directed by Cristina Iacob,  was viewed by almost 87,000 spectators in local cinemas between September 16 and October 2.

The ticket sales reached RON 1.5 million (EUR 330,000) which makes this the best local box-office debut by a Romanian film in the last 26 years, according to a press release by the producers.

#Selfie69 had over 25,000 spectators and RON 423,000 revenues (EUR 95,000) in the first weekend after its launch, double comparing with #Selfie which was released in 2014.

#Selfie had over 100,000 viewers and total revenues of RON 1.15 million (EUR 258,000) that year being the most successful Romanian movie launched in 2014.

The Romanian movie of the year 2015 was Aferim!, which brought Romanian director Radu Jude a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. The movie had more than 77,000 spectators in Romanian cinemas and revenues of RON 913,000 (EUR 205,000). The drama De Ce Eu? (Why Me?) by Tudor Giurgiu, also released in 2015, had over 65,500 spectators and EUR 172,000 worth of ticket sales.

This year’s most appreciated movies were Baccalaureate by Cristian Mungiu (awarded for best director at Cannes), Sierranevada by Cristi Puiu (also selected in the official competition at Cannes), and Caini (Dogs), by Bogdan Mirica (won the Transylvania Film Festival Trophy). None of the three movies, however, is even remotely close to the box office revenues of #Selfie69.

This proves that most Romanian movies that are awarded at international movie festivals don’t manage to bring so many spectators into cinemas. Meanwhile, it seems that Romanians who go to the cinems prefer comedies such as #Selfie69.

#Selfie69 tells the story of three friends in their early 20s who make a bet on Facebook on who will get married first within three days. The movie features many young Romanian actors as well as several famous ones, such as Maia Morgenstern and Razvan Vasilescu.

The movie is produced and distributed by local Zazu Film. The Romanian investor Adrian Sarbu appears as the main producer. Sarbu, a well-known figure owns the Mediafax group and Ziarul Financiar, the biggest financial newspaper in Romania. He also founded PRO TV and was CEO of Central European Media Enterprises (CME), PRO TV’s main shareholder until 2013.

Source: Romania- Insider

Automated bike rental service in Bucharest

L’ Velo Urban launche the first automated bike rental service in Bucharest on Tuesday, September 27. The service is available 24/7.

There are six bike rental stations in the busiest central areas: Universitatii Square, Romana Square, Revolutiei Square, Victoriei Square, Charles de Gaulle Square, and Kaufland Barbu Vacarescu hypermarket. For the beginning, 210 bikes will be available for rent in these locations.

Users can take a bike from one station and leave it at another station. The system can be used only based on a card and a subscription.

An one-day subscription is 10 RON  (2.25 EUR), an one-month subscription is 35 RON (EUR 7.86), and an one-year subscription is 100 RON ( 22.5 EUR). Teenagers between 16 and 25 get discounts.

However, the subscription allows users to take a bike for 30 minutes after which they have to make a 30 minute break. Users who want to ride more than 30 minutes will pay extra costs: 4 RON  if they pass the 30 minute limit, 8 RON  if they pass 60 minutes, 20  RON if they use the bike for more than 90 minutes without returning it, and 25 RON if they use the bike more than two hours (120 min).

The cards for the system can be taken from l’Velo Relax bike rental centers at Aviatorilor and Tineretului. The subscription and extra costs can be paid by card at the rental stations.

Source: romania-insider

The first mall in Romania with an indoor ski slope

shopping-city-timisoara-1Shopping City Timisoara developed by the investment fund NEPI will be open on March 31. The investment will bring an income of 7.6 mil. Euros annually from the lease of 70,000 sq m of shopping center.

This is the 13th mall in NEPI’s property portfolio, which makes the South African company, the largest real estate investor in Romania.
Timişoara will have access to the largest Cinema City multiplex cinema outside Bucharest having 13 rooms equipped with 3D technology, along with a gym with semi-Olympic pool, a bowling area, billiards, casino, food court and a playground for children.

Also, the mall will have an entertainment area open non-stop and is equipped with over 70 last generation slot machines and electronic roulette. Photo:

indoor ski slopeThe major tenants include Bershka, C&A, Carrefour, CCC, Cropp, Deichmann, Douglas, H&M, Hervis, KFC, Koton, LC Waikiki, Media Galaxy, New Yorker, Noriel, Orsay, Otter, Pepco, Pimkie, Pizza Hut, Pull&Bear, Sephora, Sport Vision, Stradivarius, Tom Tailor, Zara, Zoomania.

The group plans to open the first ski slope inside a shopping mall in the country, reports ZF.

The biggest thermal wellness center in Romania opens near Bucharest

Therme Bucuresti, a 30,000 sq m wellness, relaxation and entertainment center based on thermal waters will open some 20 kilometers north of Bucharest, in Balotesti, on January 14, 2016.

The Austrian group A-Heat, Therme’s owners, say this is the biggest complex of this kind in Europe and it will be open all year long.

The group hTherme-Bucurestias invested EUR 50 million in the facilities, according to Mediafax. German group Wund, which owns four such thermal centers in Europe, has developed the project.

The complex over 25,000 sq m can host over 4,000 clients simultaneously.

The center’s main features are the 8 heated pools having a constant temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. The pools are filled with thermal water that rises from a depth of 3,100 meters. The air temperature will be between 29 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Therme Bucuresti will have 16 water slides with a total length of 1.5 kilometers, 7 of which are dedicated to children. The complex also has a wave pool and themed saunas.

It also boasts to be the largest indoor botanical garden, as it hosts over 800,000 plants, including 500 palm trees.

The fees are still to be announced.

Source: Romania insider

A Romanian student from Constanta awarded at the International Essay Contest of UNESCO 2015

Out of nearly 13,000 works, the text signed by the 14 year old Romanian student, Maria Laura Dumbrava, entitled “It starts with me” was awarded III  at the International Essay Contest of UNESCO 2015 organized by the GOI Peace Foundation on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of UNESCO.  The Competition is organized yearly and promotes a culture of peace, according to the competition site.

This year  the theme was “Building Peace in Our Hearts and Minds” and the competition organizers say they have received 12 960 essays from students in 148 countries.
The student has also won first prize in the competition organized by NASA both last year and this year, according to

Maria Laura Dumbrava is in the eighth grade at the National College “Mircea cel Batran” in Constanta.

Below you can read Maria Laura Dumbrava’s Essay

It Starts with Me

“Who am I?” That is the question that every day I try to find an answer to. What shapes me as a human being are my thoughts and my actions while I interact with the others: children, adults, animals and nature. I have always felt a bond between us all and I found my strength and inspiration in God, family, friends and teachers. I think we are who we choose to be and that is why it is important to know all the alternatives when we take decisions.

The first page of my diary is an open-ended collection of promises I have made to myself: never to compromise my honesty, always listen before judging, be positive and find solutions, never be afraid of making mistakes as we can learn constructive lessons from them, set goals and take steps to reach them, appreciate and respect the others, defend the truth and speak up for those who are absent, love and help my family, my friends and my peers, not just take but also offer. So far, I may say that this is how I relate to the world and I strive to turn my beliefs into deeds.

The first time I reacted was when a boy from my class, Todirica, came to school with a bad haircut and some of boys started picking on him, throwing his cap to the ground. I went over to them and suggested we all played “paper planes”. We started negotiating the teams and that was the moment when I realized I had the power to change things. I made the boys see Todirica as a partner, as our colleague. Another thing that I have become aware of is that play unites us and it is a good way of overcoming conflicts.

Three years ago I got involved in recycling paper and collecting used oil in my neighborhood. It was my way of dealing with pollution. In addition to this, I and my friends have fun spending our time outdoors in a constructive way: we go to the beach at weekends and play, run, laugh while collecting the garbage we come across during our walk along the shore. What I love most is that, when we start picking up empty bottles and plastic bags, there are people on the beach who come to help us.

Last year in spring I went to a meeting with kids of our age who got into trouble and faced the consequences. They used ethnobotanics and were expelled from school. We gathered to talk about our future and focused on the steps each of us had to take to choose the best alternative from that point on. The purpose was to communicate, learn from the shared experiences and take responsibility for our actions.

This is the second year in a row when I tried to do more for our planet. I worked hard and studied a lot and success followed. I created two space settlements where communities were based on respect for life, justice and liberty, and did their best to both sustain themselves out there and help the Earth. My projects were SpaceBurg (2014) and Twins (2015) and were awarded the 1st prize at NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest. I consider that going to space could be a way of putting an end to the wars started for territories and resources. It could boost governments to work together, share new goals and achieve progress and prosperity for the entire mankind.

Little by little, as the words I write engulf the pages of my diary, I get to see the reflection of myself. This is how I build peace in my heart and mind: by doing what I consider to be the right thing which always seems to find echoes in the hearts of the others and form inspirational ripples in the mind of our community and beyond.

I will conclude this essay with Dalai Lama’s words: “an atmosphere of peace must first be created within ourselves, then gradually expand to include our families, our communities, and ultimately the whole planet”, and, I will add, the whole universe. All it takes is determination, hard work and love.

Source: RNL


The Romanian Organic Toothpaste- Gold at the Salon of Inventions in Warsaw

The Organic Toothpaste was the most appreciated Romanian invention at the Salon of Inventions in Warsaw. The recipe was submitted by a team of inventors from Iasi city.


The Romanian Organic Toothpaste beat another 400 inventions from the other 15 participating countries, after winning previously first at Sevastopol, according to TVR.

100% natural and organic recipe is based on simple ingredients such as mint, basil, lavender, cinnamon and white shell egg, rice and spirulina.

The team will also present the toothpaste to Croatia, Moldova and Taiwan.

In Warsaw, the Romanian inventors have received two medals of silver and bronze and also Marie Curie medal for inventions in chemistry.

Source: TVR news