Craiova city, a destination recommended by the British newspaper, The Telegraph

The British newspaper, The Telegraph has compiled a list of unique destinations that should raise the interest of British travelers.

14753304_1098393793563116_7791620928242220158_o 15977278_1164283803640781_5186081241074369514_nCraiova city  ranks in the top 13 destinations recommended by The Telegraph. Craiova city appears in the top 13 destinations for British tourists due to the opening of Wizz Air  Liverpool- Craiova on 27 March, 2017.

Photos: Aeroportul International Craiova


A lesser-known destination in eastern Europe, the southern Romanian university city of Craiova, founded on the site of the Dacian stronghold Pelendava (which later became the Roman Castra Nova), prides itself on a strong academic tradition and wealth of important historical figures and the world-famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi who studied at the Craiova Art School and carved his first sculptures here. See six of them in Craiova Art Museum located in Dinu Mihail Palace wrote The Telegraph. 

Photo by @cvladulescu

 Below you can find the list with the 13 recommended destinations:
  1. New Orleans - Louisiana
  2. Pula, Croatia
  3. Girona, Spain
  4. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
  5. Santiago, Chile
  6. Granada, Spain
  7. Dubrovnik Croatia
  8. Phu Quoc, Vietnam
  9. San Francisco, California, USA
  10. Stockholm, Sweden
  11. Oakland, California, USA
  12. Torino, Italy
  13. Craiova, Romania



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