The biggest thermal wellness center in Romania opens near Bucharest

Therme Bucuresti, a 30,000 sq m wellness, relaxation and entertainment center based on thermal waters will open some 20 kilometers north of Bucharest, in Balotesti, on January 14, 2016.

The Austrian group A-Heat, Therme’s owners, say this is the biggest complex of this kind in Europe and it will be open all year long.

The group hTherme-Bucurestias invested EUR 50 million in the facilities, according to Mediafax. German group Wund, which owns four such thermal centers in Europe, has developed the project.

The complex over 25,000 sq m can host over 4,000 clients simultaneously.

The center’s main features are the 8 heated pools having a constant temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. The pools are filled with thermal water that rises from a depth of 3,100 meters. The air temperature will be between 29 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Therme Bucuresti will have 16 water slides with a total length of 1.5 kilometers, 7 of which are dedicated to children. The complex also has a wave pool and themed saunas.

It also boasts to be the largest indoor botanical garden, as it hosts over 800,000 plants, including 500 palm trees.

The fees are still to be announced.

Source: Romania insider


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