La Fantana Launches Coffee& Coffee Milk Brand

GreenLa Fantana, a bottled water wholesaler, launched the Green coffee and coffee milk brands available in Romania and Serbia, one year from the takeover of Lavazza coffee brand on the local market. La Fantana set up a partnership with Dorna Lactate for the coffee milk production.

Green – coffee beans for espresso” is available exclusively in Serbia, while “Green – Special milk for coffee” is available in Romania and Serbia. The products mainly target the corporate customers segment (B2B) of the two markets.

La Fantana is a constant concern to provide new opportunities for long-term growth through diversification of business lines and innovation. “said Cristian Amza, CEO and founder of Groupe La Fountain.

The launch of its own brand “Green” coincides with the start of the services of supplying coffee to B2B customers from Serbia, approximately one year after the start of the new lines of business in Romania, taking over the main distributor of coffee Lavazza customers HoReCa and B2B in Romania. For the Serbian market, the new coffee supply services are available exclusively under its own brand “Green”.

At the end of 2014,  La Fantana’s portfolio had approximately 51,000 customers, of which 35,000 corporate clients (B2B) and approximately 16,000 residential customers.


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