Three travel agency owners running for the leadership of ANAT

The National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT) will elect a new leadership in March, three travel agency owners, Dan Anghelescu, Aurelian Marin and Andrei Razvan Nacea, are candidates for the leadership of ANAT and other 19 people for the Board.
Dan Anghelescu, with a career of more than 30 tears in tourism , is the owner of La Piovra Turista, member of the current Board of Directors, Chairman of the Human Resources professional training and member of the Commission of Tourism Fairs and Events ANAT.
Aurelian Marin, general manager of travel agency Paradis from Constanta, has nearly 20 years experience in the tourism industry. He is also Chairman of the Southeast Region of ANAT, President of the Working Group for the Code of Ethics, member of the Ethics Committee and Internal Marketing.
Andrei Razvan Nacea, the owner of Seytour, is the youngest of the candidates and has gained experience in tourism in the United States and Switzerland. He is also the spokesperson for medical tourism of ANAT and delegate of the association in the committee of Incoming to ECTAA (Group of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators‘ Associations within the EU).
The current president of ANAT, Nora Lucia Morariu, has applied for the Board of Directors, after the second two-year term at the helm of the association started in March 2013, it is mentioned in a statement of the association.
lucia morariu
Photo: hotnews.roWe need fresh forces to lead ANAT, people who understand that they have to be directly involved in the work of the association and for the benefit of the members they want to represent and to lead. It‘s been a long time since we really wish a renew and a change in the leadership team of ANAT , “said Morariu.

The position of president of ANAT is a honorary and unpaid one.


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