Top 10 European cities for real estate investment in 2015

The fierce competition for A class assets on the main real estate markets of Europe leads investors to move their attention to markets in recovery and current secondary class, according to the study Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2015 issued by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and PwC


The top five European real estate markets of 2015 are expected to be:

1. Berlin– replaced Munchen city which was number one in the ranking;

2. Dublin Ranked second again, the city had another strong year as investors flocked to grab the opportunities it offers;
3. Madrid– the city is going up in the investment ranking and it looks that it will go on in the same direction in the future;
4. Hamburg– the population is growing and this justify the strong development especially in the residential area;
5. Athens– it had the biggest jump 23 positions up to number 5 in the ranking. The investors are searching opportunities before the economic recovery on the Greek market.
Top 10 European cities for real estate investment in 2015
Top 2015 Top 2014
1 Berlin 4
2 Dublin 2
3 Madrid 19
4 Hamburg 3
5 Athens 28
6 Birmingham 20
7 Copenhagen 8
8 Amsterdam 25
9 Lisbon 26
10 London 5

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