Craiova city, a destination recommended by the British newspaper, The Telegraph

The British newspaper, The Telegraph has compiled a list of unique destinations that should raise the interest of British travelers.

14753304_1098393793563116_7791620928242220158_o 15977278_1164283803640781_5186081241074369514_nCraiova city  ranks in the top 13 destinations recommended by The Telegraph. Craiova city appears in the top 13 destinations for British tourists due to the opening of Wizz Air  Liverpool- Craiova on 27 March, 2017.

Photos: Aeroportul International Craiova


A lesser-known destination in eastern Europe, the southern Romanian university city of Craiova, founded on the site of the Dacian stronghold Pelendava (which later became the Roman Castra Nova), prides itself on a strong academic tradition and wealth of important historical figures and the world-famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi who studied at the Craiova Art School and carved his first sculptures here. See six of them in Craiova Art Museum located in Dinu Mihail Palace wrote The Telegraph. 

Photo by @cvladulescu

 Below you can find the list with the 13 recommended destinations:
  1. New Orleans - Louisiana
  2. Pula, Croatia
  3. Girona, Spain
  4. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
  5. Santiago, Chile
  6. Granada, Spain
  7. Dubrovnik Croatia
  8. Phu Quoc, Vietnam
  9. San Francisco, California, USA
  10. Stockholm, Sweden
  11. Oakland, California, USA
  12. Torino, Italy
  13. Craiova, Romania



Welcome 2017

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The impact of Donald Trump’s victory on European currencies

gettyimages-615699240Donald Trump just pulled off one of the greatest upsets in political history, becoming the 45th president of the United States of America.

Trump’s victory in the elections for US president has immediately had a significant impact on stock market and European currencies.

In early morning trade, around 6.35 a.m. GMT (1.35 a.m. ET), the pound, euro, and the Swiss franc were significantly higher against the greenback, benefiting from the weakness caused by Trump’s shocking victory.

The dollar pulled back soon after Trump’s win was announced. “It is time for us to come together as one united people,” he said.

The euro initially gained more than 2% on the dollar. 

Here’s how it looks just before 8.45 a.m. GMT (3.45 a.m. ET)


Even the pound which has endured its own struggles in recent months following the UK’s vote to leave the EU was around 0.8% higher to trade close to $1.25 before falling toward $1.24:


Trump and his economic positions are seen as far less predictable than those of Hillary Clinton causing the huge reactions in the markets overnight.


#Selfie69, a Romanian comedy that breaks box-office record

selfie-69The Romanian comedy #Selfie69 directed by Cristina Iacob,  was viewed by almost 87,000 spectators in local cinemas between September 16 and October 2.

The ticket sales reached RON 1.5 million (EUR 330,000) which makes this the best local box-office debut by a Romanian film in the last 26 years, according to a press release by the producers.

#Selfie69 had over 25,000 spectators and RON 423,000 revenues (EUR 95,000) in the first weekend after its launch, double comparing with #Selfie which was released in 2014.

#Selfie had over 100,000 viewers and total revenues of RON 1.15 million (EUR 258,000) that year being the most successful Romanian movie launched in 2014.

The Romanian movie of the year 2015 was Aferim!, which brought Romanian director Radu Jude a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. The movie had more than 77,000 spectators in Romanian cinemas and revenues of RON 913,000 (EUR 205,000). The drama De Ce Eu? (Why Me?) by Tudor Giurgiu, also released in 2015, had over 65,500 spectators and EUR 172,000 worth of ticket sales.

This year’s most appreciated movies were Baccalaureate by Cristian Mungiu (awarded for best director at Cannes), Sierranevada by Cristi Puiu (also selected in the official competition at Cannes), and Caini (Dogs), by Bogdan Mirica (won the Transylvania Film Festival Trophy). None of the three movies, however, is even remotely close to the box office revenues of #Selfie69.

This proves that most Romanian movies that are awarded at international movie festivals don’t manage to bring so many spectators into cinemas. Meanwhile, it seems that Romanians who go to the cinems prefer comedies such as #Selfie69.

#Selfie69 tells the story of three friends in their early 20s who make a bet on Facebook on who will get married first within three days. The movie features many young Romanian actors as well as several famous ones, such as Maia Morgenstern and Razvan Vasilescu.

The movie is produced and distributed by local Zazu Film. The Romanian investor Adrian Sarbu appears as the main producer. Sarbu, a well-known figure owns the Mediafax group and Ziarul Financiar, the biggest financial newspaper in Romania. He also founded PRO TV and was CEO of Central European Media Enterprises (CME), PRO TV’s main shareholder until 2013.

Source: Romania- Insider

Leonardo brand reappears on the retail market two years after the bankruptcy of the business

leonardoLeonardo, the brand of shoe stores reappeared on the retail market less than two years after the company that has operated for more than two decades went bankrupt. Moreover, the retailer’s website is running and provides information on the existence of over 30 Leonardo stores in Romania Leonardo.

The brand is now operated by a new legal entity; 50% still controlled by Panea family who founded the business and by Berende family from Baia Mare who owns another business in the shoe store retail network namely Pielli house, according to the latest data of ZF, and indirectly Panea family.

The first information about Berende family went out when Leonardo SRL went bankrupt and some of the spaces where the retailer stores had previously operated being taken over by these entrepreneurs. They opened in those locations some Casa Pielli  stores and  now they reverted them again to Leonardo stores. An example of this is the store in Campina city.

Leonardo SRL in Bihor County company, controlled by the entrepreneur Florin Panea, went bankrupt in the spring of 2015, four and a half years after he asked insolvency.

Source: ZF

Exchange rates 26- 30.09.2016

Exchange rates


Romanian leu (RON)

Source: BNR

26 Sep.2016 27 Sep.2016 28 Sep.2016 29 Sep.2016 30 Sep.2016
Australian dollar AUD 3.0155 3.0292 3.0405 3.0409 3.0334
Bulgarian lev BGN 2.2755 2.2750 2.2749 2.2760 2.2764
Canadian dollar CAD 3.0006 2.9929 2.9983 3.0286 3.0250
Swiss franc CHF 4.0865 4.0849 4.0823 4.0874 4.1041
Czech koruna CZK 0.1647 0.1647 0.1648 0.1647 0.1648
Danish krone DKK 0.5970 0.5973 0.5970 0.5973 0.5975
Egyptian pound EGP 0.4458 0.4456 0.4466 0.4469 0.4484
Euro EUR 4.4504 4.4495 4.4493 4.4514 4.4523
Pound sterling GBP 5.1213 5.1205 5.1508 5.1575 5.1627
100 Hungarian forint HUF 1.4512 1.4504 1.4461 1.4454 1.4386
100 Japanese yen JPY 3.9379 3.9404 3.9376 3.9152 3.9373
Moldavian leu MDL 0.2002 0.1999 0.2000 0.2008 0.2009
Norwegian krone NOK 0.4868 0.4881 0.4890 0.4921 0.4949
Polish zloty PLN 1.0336 1.0355 1.0366 1.0352 1.0325
Russian rouble RUB 0.0619 0.0621 0.0620 0.0628 0.0629
Swedish krona SEK 0.4636 0.4627 0.4621 0.4631 0.4627
Turkish lira TRY 1.3251 1.3304 1.3311 1.3230 1.3255
US dollar USD 3.9589 3.9567 3.9660 3.9688 3.9822
South African rand ZAR 0.2883 0.2913 0.2929 0.2887 0.2857
Brazilian real BRL 1.2202 1.2201 1.2260 1.2343 1.2216
Chinese renminbi CNY 0.5936 0.5933 0.5944 0.5951 0.5971
Indian rupee INR 0.0594 0.0595 0.0597 0.0593 0.0598
100 South Korean wons KRW 0.3573 0.3605 0.3609 0.3604 0.3615
Mexican peso MXN 0.1996 0.2017 0.2038 0.2044 0.2035
New Zealand dollar NZD 2.8658 2.8896 2.8756 2.8856 2.8906
Serbian dinar RSD 0.0362 0.0361 0.0361 0.0361 0.0361
Ukrainian hryvnia UAH 0.1526 0.1534 0.1540 0.1531 0.1536
United Arab Emirates dirham AED 1.0779 1.0773 1.0798 1.0805 1.0841
Croatian kuna HRK 0.5931 0.5931 0.5921 0.5923 0.5927
Gold (RON/gr) XAU 170.0921 169.9783 168.9522 168.6584 169.8734
SDR XDR 5.5404 5.5385 5.5478 5.5484 5.5611